Every technological solution is often difficult to sell and to implement. But once it is up and running, the benefits far outweigh any transaction costs.

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Pacific University (UP)

Lima, Perú


We were able to simplify processes according to our needs with the help of uPlanner

The Pacific University (UP) is a medium-sized institution with around seven thousand students, but with a community that impacts the lives of some fourteen thousand people. Originally inspired by the Jesuits and financed by progressive businessmen, it is Peru's leading university in economics and business, a reputation built on rigorous specialization in these fields.

UP's mission is to be an institution with a commitment to service, which positively impacts the society of its country and its region. To achieve this, the University prioritizes academic quality and operational efficiency to ensure that this vocation drives its undergraduate and graduate alumni in the pursuit of a more just society.


We always look for the improvements and innovations we implement to be easy for end users to assimilate, which implies exhaustive groundwork


UP's technological challenges, in general terms, revolve around generating better experiences for the users of the tools that are developed. This applies to all areas of the University, including Solutions Engineering and Administration.

With this in mind, the intention within UP has always been to go beyond indicators and analyze data to anticipate the institution's needs by creating or adjusting services. Specifically, this challenge was framed in two scenarios: the initial adaptation to distance learning, and the return to blended learning in hybrid scenarios.



 "The most important aspect of a solution is for it to allow the simplification of a process and, with the help of uPlanner, we have accomplished this." In this journey of designing and implementing the tool, it was fundamental for UP to define its user persona in order to improve the processes, since the users' needs and expectations had to be taken into account with respect to the solutions being considered. This perspective, which is always kept in mind by the University, is based on continuous improvement, which is the willingness to evaluate and adjust processes, something traditionally absent in higher education institutions, but which is being rapidly adopted.


"UP did not acquire a product, but was able to add uPlanner's expertise to its own capabilities to create a product that met its needs."

Jessica Talledo

Director of Solutions Engineering, Pacific University.


Let’s talk about your institution's fundamental challenges.


Miguel Bravo

General director of Administration, Pacific University.


Jessica Talledo

Director of Solutions Engineering, Pacific University.

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The expectation for these processes was that the quality of education had to be exactly the same as in the classroom. Also, the sessions had to be conducted synchronously, as this is a distinctive element of the institution. A standard of 30 to 35 students per classroom had to be maintained, while 750 teachers had to be trained individually.

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